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Code Fail Adventures Force More Delays

So, I'm trying to see if I can ratchet up the content count in the directory today, and I went to check if there was a particular story that I'd published before. Trying to use the search function threw my whole day outta whack.

Having used this code previously (and having tested rigorously on my local server), I was less-than-thrilled with the prospect of having to plumb code when I should be lifting operations off the ground. After many expletive-filled utterances and about 12 hours later, I was able to come up with a working solution;

My problem with the code in the first place was that there were a number of practices I had to go through and correct - the main irkle was that 'keyword' is reserved in the latest version of MySQL, so I had to rearrange everything to come up with what you see above. Corollary to the irkle is that the author of this original codebase still has no idea their script doesn't work for squat in PHP 7 (pobrecito...).

And the thing that tickles me the most is that this person thinks they have marketable web skills worth paying for...