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Flying By The Seat Of My Pants Now...

OK, so, now it's on for real; I have the domain/sub-domain axis getting trickles of organic and direct traffic daily, the MMO newsletter is ready to start getting signups, all automation leverage is in place for various promotional facets, and soon I need to start work on creating a safelist submitter script so I can get in on the ground floor while there are still only a handful of sites extant in this niche currently.

It's been a scrap of a struggle to get here, but the real work is only just beginning. On top of this, the Wordpress blog is starting to grow a readership (unexpectedly), forcing me to have to concentrate on an at-least once-weekly, substantive posting about various issues surrounding the blog subject matter. Concentrating on these moving parts while still having to produce long-tail keyword-driven articles for sale on my various content marketplace network means it's going to be a busy rest-of-the-year.