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Stay On Target...Stay On Target...Don't Bobble The Force!

Now, THIS is how I'm needing things to go at the second (like they are). This is the point I thought I was ready to be at about ten or twelve years ago. Kinda glad I didn't actually know how much work was required to achieve my current level of coding acumen. Am REALLY glad that I kept on it like a pitbull with lockjaw (lol!). I was not even entertaining the possibility of losing at this pursuit.

Coding, writing (and a few other potentiallly-moneyed pursuits) were the only things I was interested in doing as a job, and I couldn't afford to slink off from it with my tail between my legs and reeking of the stink of failure.

Too many people had too much riding on seeing that outcome manifest itself. Just that thought alone was enough to send me into apoplectic rages when I was getting blocked trying to understand what I now know.

Pride and bitterness are a sure recipe for disaster in terms of career direction. But, then again, I had nothing to lose. I'd already thrown myself off the precipice when I left the nest...