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Cautious Optimistic Enthusiasm In The Face Of An Apparent Win

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This infoproduct almost wrote was that Common Sense once I figured out how to wire it all together. The image above is the result of a miniature experiment in real-time. I'd written this after happening upon another product of the same name that I'd acquired some years ago in some random JV Giveaway Event and just blindly stuffed away in some random hard-drive hoard.

It was so inferior, laughable (and downright just risky from a computer security perspective), and just outright lame that I knew I could jack this approach to a whole new level. It'd have been stupid of me to try and sell this when the whole point of it is drive the giveaway aspect of it. It's almost on the level of self-fulfilling prophecy...scary.

With almost a week-and-a-half of this being previewed in one of the traffic pools I refer to in the 11-page PDF tutorial, I need to start putting a foot in my own ass and scaling up like I write about in the eBook. As I type this, I'm assembling all needed information, automation, and determination that'll jack up future profits. For the next (PAID) iteration of this infoproduct, a set-and-forget methodology is the target. This is only the start of snatchin' pockets on fake-ass gurus. Once I get a good market swell on a few self-generated products (this directory et al), it'll really be off to the races.
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As you can see this is the initial result from the beginning of the infoproduct test (started on March 21st), and the whole thing has me surprised there weren't more takers for the info (lol!). It's actually working for me, and once I get the automation jumped in it'll be a real income stream for sure. There's definitely no saturation potential, now or ever, due to the nature of the effort you'll need to put forth in order to generate the level of cash you want to see. Which tells me those takers are more likely to be the ones taking a running jump at it. We rolling like there IS NO competition...