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The Promodrone Social Publishing Complex is a daily-published content generation community, contributing news and article URLs, originally-created content, information, and infographics.

As a social publishing application-based site, Promodrone is neither new in concept nor execution. But, there is an aspect that, currently, no site within the niche caters to (even peripherally).

Organic, unregistered traffic plays a good bit on the variable of weekly-to-monthly pageviews, and seems to be criminally neglected in light of the almost effortless (and well-documented) methods of conversion.

If you expect public adoption of a site, then you MUST offer even transient traffic the ability to;

  • Consume content in wide-ranging formats from text and graphics, to audio and video (including interactive content embeds),
  • Participate in the voting-up of high-quality/informative content, and,
  • Have the fastest, simplest automated registration process.

Those choosing community are offered the ability to contriibute daily through an HTML-enabled interface allowing the freedom to publish as creatively as Humanly possible. For example, Promodrone makes it simple to publish image-laden and -based content either remotely or via local computer, and attach those images to help in the making of that PERFECT content item submission.

With a separate profile page area (including community messaging), members can communicate while daily generating high-quality news, content, information and infographics. Of course, with the likes of Digg, TechCrunch, or Mashable, competition is stiff (but not overwhelming) for the Promodrone Social Publishing Complex to fully niche-blossom.


Whether you want to publish links to online articles and news, create original content, or just publish URL compilations or infographics, the Promodrone Social Publishing Complex makes it quick and easy for the membership to hit-and-run as many times as their hearts desire - DAILY, to really get themselves a leg up in the content blizzard of 2014. How can we help make you a satisfied member and daily user and a willing participant in spreading the word-of-mouth? Nothing like a rabidly active membership aiding wider niche adoption.

AND with a price tag of $0.00, Promodrone is looking for a membership willing to bring as much high-quality content to the table as can possibly be published on a daily basis - NO JOKE! Is it desperate people-sounding to say that Promodrone NEEDS members (lol!)? Who cares? We just want everyone who wants to be there! Head up to the "navigation" section and take a tour for yourself! The first 1,000 members, get $0.00 access to the content editing panel! Copypasta character issues? Posting URL location change? You just ashamed of that image choice first time around? Fix it via the edit panel interface!

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About The Social Publishing Complex

As a content freelancer, your Bum Marketing edge has been blunted by the Panda, and is on-track to be neutered with the advent of the Hummingbird. How is it you will get your articles the width of distribution and link juice they need without ending up a victim of them? Announce your content over at the Promodrone Social Publishing Complex! Promodrone allows users an HTML-enabled experience.

Whether you just want to plant a text annotation with a link or two, or, a full-blown, graphic-laden teaser for the article/news URL of your choice, Promodrone lets you post Images, Video, and text enhancing your content linkage. Want to track the popularity of your content URL? Easy thanks to the built-in method of click-tracking on your content title!

Add in the other elements of a members area (with community messaging, and favorite links), and a heavily-customized form giving you full-power over posting, the Promodrone Social Article Exchange is YOUR new strategy for content exposure and linkage. Join RIGHT now, while still $0.00!

Promodrone Legalese Bare-Bottom Cover

Please believe it when Promodrone states that in no way shall there be any abuse of any kind, for any reason whatsoever. Users found to be engaging in this behavior will find themselves on the wrong side of banned (terminating any paid service/contracts/etc).

Promodrone has no problem diming out serious site Terms of Usage violations, including depictions of legal minors under eighteen engaging in sexual contact with an adult or display of sexualized behavior or any type of depiction of forced sexual contact whatsoever. Anyway, as patently despicable as it is, if this floats your rotten little boat, do NOT become a member here.

These (or even more serious infractions) are subject to reportage to the proper authorities. This site is expressely for the purpose of communal creation and posting of content in a variety of different categories. Please take care to help ensure that it remains this way, please? Thank You. That is all.


The content posting interface carries out the heavy lifting for the submission process. Structured for speed and security, the interface allows members to post either HTML templates constructed on the fly, or a cut-and-paste content submission.

Users are also taken care of whether they like uploading images from their local machines, or just dialing in a remote URL (from their own hosted sourcings), image-based content gets the easy treatment.

But, whatever format you prefer, all that matters is that the best content be brought to the table for publishing across a variety of different categories in the Promodrone Social Publishing Complex.

As one of the first thousand members that joins automatically, the editing panel is the best insurance against future revisionism. With access to (your own) submitted content, keep your postings mistake-free!

Designed for speed and safety, the editing panel interface is to manicure your already-submitted content. Users are liberated from dependance on administrative intervention with access to this resource.

Whether you want to post news and article URLs, high-quality original content, information compilations, or infographics, the Promodrone Social Publishing Complex is the perfect place to deposit them. It would be a great thing to secure your position as one of the first thousand and beat the future access fees!

Current Postings

Latest Content Types Publishing


Article Directory

Deposit your high-quality, ORIGINAL article content in our snazzy article directory. Got HTML talent? Manipulate your content until your heart is content to publish at an instant of YOUR choosing after the manipulation process of your contented publishing heart!

A variety of categories ensure a plethora of choices as to the composition of all contributed content. Publish as much or as little as needed and whenever the fancy strikes! No holds barred on the amount you can publish - your call.


Information Directory

With the new information posting page, there is now a place to publish all those interminable URL lists. Tired of all those list files clogging up your hard drive? Leave them here in the directory where they get up to good use by members and organic, unregistered visitor traffic as well!

Connect affiliate URLs, resource listings, whatever types of URL compilations as preferred. Publish as many as you want, there WILL be more space - REALLY! Publish as much as Humanly possible.


Infographics Directory

More than just a flashy new trend, infographics is truly a beast of the times. With the frenzied rush to distill Big Data into a tangible graphical representation, inforgraphics are the equivalent of a visual soundbite, and the newest manifestation of entrepreneurial D.I.Y.

All the more reason for the update to the user posting interface. Whether you have a painstakingly-created, highly-graphical image or the embed code from your favorite source(s), include images either way in your posts!


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